Face Jug

Face Jug 1855 - 1865 Edgefield District, South Carolina Alkaline-glazed Stoneware HOA: 5 7/8", WOA: 4 5/16" MESDA Purchase Fund (5366)

Face Jug
Edgefield District, South Carolina
1855 – 1865
Alkaline-glazed Stoneware
HOA: 5 7/8″, WOA: 4 5/16″
MESDA Purchase Fund (5366)

Fragments of face jugs like this one have been discovered at archeological sites secluded from the main Edgefield potteries.  These anthropomorphic jugs are thought to relate to indigenous African forms.  These same archeological sites also provide evidence for the production of utilitarian ceramics by enslaved craftsmen for their own communities.