“A mentor and advisor” by Bill Moore

Frank Horton receiving the North Carolina State Arts Council Award, 1972

In my career as Director of the Greensboro History Museum, Frank was a frequent mentor and advisor. In the early days of the 1960s and 1970s, successful museum projects throughout the museum profession were largely possible through networking with other colleagues. Formal institutional training was not abundant so most of us depended on each other for guidance and direction. As I remember Frank, he was always ready to give his opinions and recommendations, even when we made mistakes! He has been a significant contributor to the museum profession and will always be remembered for his work ethic and as a devoted visionary. After spending 40 years at the GHM, I look back with fond remembrance on his influence.

Bill Moore, North Carolina
Director, Greensboro History Museum, 1963-2004


Celebrating Frank L. Horton’s 100th Birthday