“One of Frank’s pieces comes home” by Lou Blancato

Frank Horton and his mother, Theo Taliaferro, outside of the Reich House in Old Salem. c.1965 Frank Horton Photo Collection

Never knew him directly, but since 2008 we’ve lived in the house Frank & Theo restored.  According to people who knew him, he had a wall cupboard from the mountains of North Carolina or Virginia outside on the back porch. One of his apprentices wanted to buy it from Frank to give to his father on Fathers’ Day. At first, Frank didn’t want to sell it. But eventually, he agreed.

The cupboard went to Frank’s apprentice’s parent’s home in Lexington. His mother is a friend of my wife, and during a visit, told my wife how the cupboard came to their house. When my wife’s friend began to downsize, my wife asked if she could buy the cupboard and bring it home. Frank’s apprentice himself visited soon after, and was pleased to see the cupboard back in Frank’s house.

Lou Blancato, North Carolina
Old Salem resident


Celebrating Frank L. Horton’s 100th Birthday