“He grinned from ear to ear” by Jim Pratt

On one of my trips to peruse the MESDA files at the Research Center, I learned there were several pieces that Frank lusted after for the MESDA Collection.

Some time after that, we were helping an old Charleston family to downsize their home and

Frank Horton, Jim Pratt (standing, left) and George Williams with the Charleston stretcher table.
Old Salem Photo Collection

George Williams and I recognized the Broughton table, which was one of those pieces. I called Brad Rauschenberg and he said “Bring it up.” We took the table to MESDA and everyone agreed it was an important piece and needed to be added to the collection.

We put the table back in the van and took it to the assisted-living home where Frank was being cared for. Frank was wheeled out to see the table, which we had placed on the lawn. He grinned from ear to ear while running his hand over the well-worn wood as if it was the most precious thing in the world. Needless to say, it caused was quite a bit of excitement at the home.

Providing Frank, the man who had done so much for me and Southern Decorative Arts, with a special piece was the highlight of my career.

Jim Pratt, South Carolina
Estate Antiques, Inc.


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