“Frank did not waste time or mince words” by Martha Rowe

Frank Horton researching in the August head in Savannah or Charleston; c.1970; Old Salem Photo Collection

When I was hired by Frank Horton in 1976 to work in the research center, the interview went like this: “Can you type? Do you have a car? Can you start tomorrow?”  Frank did not waste time or mince words. Over the next several decades, I learned more about this remarkable gentleman and scholar:

  • If Frank is wearing his white handkerchief wrapped around his head, be wary. He has a headache.
  • If goodies are brought to the staff lounge, go tell Frank. He has a sweet tooth.
  • He liked a Coke, but it must be one in a small bottle.
  • He had THE recipe for eggnog.
  • His outfit included, besides his white socks and brogans, a white shirt with open collar, and that yellow sweater vest if he was cold. He always kept a tie hanging on the coat rack in case he had to dress up unexpectedly.

I will always think of Frank at his typewriter.

Martha Rowe, North Carolina
Former MESDA Research Associate
Old Salem Museums & Gardens


Celebrating Frank L. Horton’s 100th Birthday