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Object Name
Wollaston, John\attributed**
MESDA Craftsman ID Number
44923, 44924, 63182, 63183, 63184
Place Made
Charlotte County, Virginia
circa 1760*
oil on canvas
portrait of a young girl in a three-quarter length, frontal pose; head turned slightly to the right; light colored hair tied at back with ribbon; hat on top of head; rococo style dress with low cut neckline; neckline and three-quarter sleeves trimmed with lace; left hand pointing downward; right hand resting on a basket of flowers; basket on top of a piece of furniture
Object Location
private collection
Photo Number
File Location
PAINTINGS/Wollaston, John
Mildred Lightfoot __From the field representative’s notebook, “Port. of Mildred Lightfoot of Charlotte Co. Va. This was done when she was 13. She later married Henry Paul Carrington.”

Barbara Luck of Colonial Williamsburg Foundation thinks “Mary and Mildred Lightfoot were the daughters of William Lightfoot and his wife, Mildred Howell (our portrait sitter). ”

There is a similarity in the portrait of Frances Stublefield Bruce (?), S-7094 and the portrait of Mildred Howell on loan to CWF. __For information on the artist, refer to Craftsman Database and information filed at Paintings/Wollaston.

*The dates of the portrait are given in the book THE NEW-YORK HISTORICAL SOCIETY’S DICTIONARY OF ARTISTS IN AMERICA 1564-1860, by George C. Groce and David H. Wallace, p. 698. It states that John Wollaston was in New York City painting during that time period.

**attribution by Bradford L. Rauschenberg, MESDA, 01/12/2000

Bradford L. Rauschenberg –Frank L. Horton –Edith Culpepper Potter __08/13/1976