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Whitework Coverlet

Mckee, Ann Hutchinson
Place Made:
Woodford County Kentucky United States of America
Date Made:
__84 in. __96 in.
Accession Number:
Whitework coverlet embroidered with floral patterns and vines. Overall design comprised of leaves, vines, and flowers moving horizontally across the top and bottom of the coverlet and inward from the edges. Elements of the design vary in size, texture, and pattern, and no consistent pattern can be found in the piece as a whole. varying patterns and textures are used in lieu of color. All vines are comprised of a single or double line of short, thick tufted stitches, with the exception of two vines on the left edge of the coverlet, embroidered with braid-like stitching. The leaves on the piece are outlined in the same tufted stiches as the vines, and are either entirely filled in with tufted stitches, interlacing stitches, varying sizes of polkadot-like stitches, or some combination of two or more of the previous patterns. Some leaves attached to the braided vines have a central braided vein. Overall, the leaves are oblong- some are rounded, some have a pointed tip, and some have scalloped edges. Many types of flowers are represented on the coverlet, including sunflowers, daisies, various lily-like flowers, and flowers made up of a circle of small round stitching, possibly geraniums. The larger lily-like flowers are more central, and smaller flowers are found near the edges. Initials “AH” embroidered in small tufted stitches near one edge of the coverlet. A 1.5 inch fringe surrounds the coverlet on all four sides; scalloped borders line the inside edge of the fringe and the outside edge of the coverlet. The two edges are joined by a thick wavy fabric border, creating a lace-like appearance.
This coverlet was made by Ann Hutchison McKee (1811-1901) from Woodford County, Kentucky.
Credit Line:
Gift of Sunnyside Ministry, Winston-Salem, North Carolina.