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Taufschein of Johannes Steierwalt

Place Made:
Rowan County North Carolina United States of America
Date Made:
1798 – 1815
ink and watercolor on paper
HOA: 8; WOA: 13
Accession Number:
Taufschein for Johannes Steierwalt. Ink and watercolor on laid paper. A row of leaves and tulips with radiating leafy stems above the inscription. Flanking the top portion of the inscription a pair of facing birds with tulips and small flowers flowing from leafy stems emanating from hearts in corners. The bottom portion of the inscription is flanked by symmetrical tulips and flowing leafy stems growing out of hearts.
A border of colorful small dots surrounds the piece with a row of small three-petaled red and blue flowers along the top and larger similar flowers alternating between the curves of a serpentine vine. The dominant colors are deep red and dark blue with some lighter greens.

Im Jahr Chri / sti 1798 the 11th iulius, bin ich Johannes / Steier walt, auf diese jamm volle welt / gebohren, von Friedrig Steierwalt, und dessen eheliche haus Frau, elster Sohn / und meine Tauf Zeigen, sein nemlich, Johannes Steier walt, und seine eheliche hausfrau Diese haben mich zur / heiligen Tauf gebracht zu dem ehr wurtigen / herr Pfarren Storch da dieser Gottes Dienst hielt in der / Orgel Kirche in Rowan Caundy in Nort Carolina. / nun o meister aller Tugend . Jesu lehr und fuhr, und fuhr / uns jugend, Führe uns auf deinen wegen, Schmück / und ziere uns mit segen; lass uns wachten in der iugend / in Gottseligkeit und tugend; und dir hier stets lob erweisen, auch Dich ewiglich Dich preisen _ _ _
In the year of Christ / 1798 the 11th of July, was I Johannes / Steierwalt born into this sorrowful world / of Friedrich Steierwalt, and his honorable wife, the eldest son / and my Baptismal sponsors were namely Johannes Steierwalt and his honorable wife. They brought me / for holy Baptism to the worthy / Pastor Storch where this worship service was held in the / Organ Church in Rowan County in North Carolina / Now, O master of all virtue, Jesus teach and guide our youth. Guide us on your way; bedeck and adorn us with blessing; let us awaken in our youth / to God’s blessing and virtue; and here extend to you our praise; and here praise you in eternity.

Artist: Unknown.

History: This taufschein commemorates the birth and baptism of Johannes Steierwalt who was born in Rowan County, North Carolina on 11 July, 1798. It is one of the rare examples of southern fracture written in the first person. Johannes Stirewalt was the oldest son of Friedrich and Maria Margreda Schmitt Steierwalt. The MESDA Collection also displays a birth certificate for Johannes’ younger brother Friedrich Steierwalt (3416.1) and taufscheins for his sister Margareda Steierwalt (3416.3), and his mother Maria Margreda Schmitt (3416.2). The baptism took place at the Organ (Zion) Lutheran Church in Rowan County, North Carolina and the baptism sponsors were Johannes (John) Steierwalt (the uncle of the child) and his wife. The pastor for the baptism was Lutheran minister Carl August Gottlieb Storch (1764-1831) one of the founding fathers of the Lutheran church in piedmont North Carolina, who served as the pastor of the Organ (Zion) Lutheran Church from 1788 until 1823.

Credit Line:
Lent by the Family of Mrs. C. J. A. Stirewalt