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Spiritual Labyrinth

Henkel, Solomon
Place Made:
New Market Virginia United States of America
Date Made:
ink –paper
HOA: 14 3/4; WOA: 13 1/8

Framed: HOA 23-1/2″; WOA 21-1/2″

Accession Number:
The Henkel Press was founded in 1806 by Ambrose Henkel (1786-1870) and his brother Solomon Henkel (1777-1847). The press is best known for publishing German-language religious literature throughout the nineteenth century. This “spiritual labyrinth” consists of bible verses arranged in a geometric pattern around four quadrants. Produced just two-years after the press was founded, it was probably intended as a demonstration of their abilities. Labyrinths like this are known from other German-speaking communities along the Great Wagon Road. They are generally regarded as tour-de-force of the typesetters’ craft.

RELATED OBJECTS: MESDA has a large collection of Henkel Press material (acc 5550). Among this material are woodblocks, books, prints, and manuscript material. MESDA also has a New Market fancy-painted chair owned by press co-founder Solomon Henkel (acc. 5838)

DESCRIPTION: Rough edged paper with printed text in German. There is a large title heading followed by a paragraph. Below this, words go around in a large square with four smaller squares inside. The text is surrounded by a border design.

Credit Line: