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Stinemetz, Eleanor
Place Made:
Fayetteville North Carolina United States of America
Date Made:
silk on linen
HOA: 19 1/4″
WOA: 19 3/4″
Accession Number:
DESCRIPTION: Needlework sampler signed and dated by Eleanor Stinemetz, Dec 19th 1820, Fayetteville, NC; enclosed in an octagonal border; the corners with embroidered trees, the center with alphabet above bouquets.

The poem stitched on the sampler was taken from the book, “Poems on Moral and Religious Subjects” by Alice Flowerdew, published in London in 1803. The first two verses of the poem entitled ‘To Hope. Written in 1795.’ are quoted. “Descend sweet hope thou soothing power/From whom the wretched find/In every dark afflictive hour/Some solace to the mind. What though thy brightest prospects bring/At best a doubtful joy/And oft alas times hasty wing/The opening buds destroy.”

Information on the back reads, “Stinemetz Sampler, from Mrs. Theodore Jarrott, Fayetteville, S.C., [sic] to Mrs. Pierre Bacot Jarrott, 1973”.

ARTIST: Eleanor Stinemetz was the daughter of John S. and Mary E. Stinemetz who moved in the early 19th century from Philadelphia to Cheraw, South Carolina, where they owned and operated a hotel. Eleanor attended the co-ed Fayetteville Academy, located approximately 65 miles from Cheraw in North Carolilna. Eleanor died before the 1850 census was taken, but the sampler descended in the family of her sister, Frances M. (Stinemetz) Bryan (1821-1860). Their father’s grave survives at the historic St. David’s Episcopal Church Cemetery in Cheraw.

HISTORY: The sampler descended in the family of the needleworker’s sister, Frances M. (Stinemetz) Bryan (1821-1860), to her daughter Emma E. (Bryan) Jarrott (1840-1923), to her sons Pierre Bacot Jarrott (1880-1946) and Theodore E. Jarrott (1883-1948) of Florence, South Carolina.
Credit Line:
MESDA Purchase Fund