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Vogler, Christoph
Place Made:
Salem North Carolina United States of America
Date Made:
maple –iron –silver –brass
LOA 55 1/2″; barrel LOA 39 3/4″
Accession Number:
DESCRIPTION: Rifle, curly maple full stock type. The original lock and trigger-guard is missing and the stock is broken off and missing 11″ from barrel end. One or two minor silver ornaments missing. Flint lock. Double-set triggers. Single spur on trigger guard. Four piercings and incised work on patchbox with silver inlays; silver eagle patchbox head. Incised work on lock plate that is on high molding. Silver eye-shaped pin escutcheons with brass inlays. Four silver piercings on ornate brass toe plate. Silver eagle with dead bird on cheek. Silver touch-hole pickholder with no lever. Missing screw on butt plate. Silver eight-point star with theme repeated twice on butt stock. Brass side plate with silver snake worked in; on molding. Silver thumb plate with inscription. Silver barrel plate with inscription. Octagon barrel.

The small, slender architecture of this particular rifle indicates that it was probably made for a woman or a young boy. Many characteristics of the Salem School are present in this rifle. It exhibits three separate areas along the toe plate, on the side plate, and on hte patchbox lid where silver is inlayed into brass. An incised line runs from the underside of the butt plate and terminates at the front edge of the comb. This is the best-known example of Christoph Vogler’s work.

Credit Line:
On loan by Mr. and Mrs. F. Eugene Vogler