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Place Made:
Rowan County North Carolina United States of America
Date Made:
DOA: 2 1/2; RIM: 4 1/8
Accession Number:
Lead-glazed red earthenware porringer decorated with slip. This cup has an orange glaze and yellow and green striped slip.

STYLE: While the green annular banding, interrupted by cream vertical trailing, is stylistically related to the Moravian potters of Wachovia, we do not attribute it to Wachovia shops. The form is not as squat as those used in Wachovia, and the foot is less rounded, and there is nothing particular about the handle that would link it with Wachovia.

MAKER: There are several possibilities for the attribution of this piece. Michael Marr (Murr, Morr, Moor, Moore), George M. Murr, and Johan Heinrich Beroth (1746-1799) were early Rowan County potters. An apprentice of Gottfried Aust of Salem, Beroth was working in Salisbury as early as 1777. His tradition of the potter’s art was continued into the third decade of the 19th century by Thomas Passinger.

This porringer descended in a family from Salisbury, Rowan County.
Credit Line:
MESDA Purchase Fund