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Mary Poythress (Epes) Doswell

Rabineau, Francis
Place Made:
Nottoway County Virginia United States of America
Date Made:
watercolor on ivory –glass –brass
HOA: 2 9/16; WOA: 2 1/8
Accession Number:
DESCRIPTION: Miniature portrait, watercolor on ivory, of woman who has a large puffed white hat and white scarf around her neck. There is some lacework on the hat and her blouse. Blouse is under her brown dress, and the dress is trimmed in lavender color, and a blue ribbon ties in the front. She wears a brown dress and black beads. She has blue eyes which look to the left. She faces the viewer’s right. The background is light blue.
SITTER: Mary Poythress Epes Doswell of Nottoway County, Virginia was the wife of Major John Doswell and the mother of Mary Elizabeth Poythress Doswell, who made a needlework picture which is in the MESDA collection. The major and Mary Doswell lived at Cedar Grove, near the Falls of Nottoway. Major Doswell was Justice of the Peace of Nottoway in 1793, and later the Sheriff.

RELATED WORKS: Mourning miniature lamenting the death of Mary Poythress Epes Doswell’s son, Peter Epes Doswell (MESDA Acc. No. 3187.2); needlework by Mary Poythress Epes Doswell’s daughter, Mary Elizabeth Poythress Doswell (MESDA Acc. No. 3187.3)

Credit Line:
Gift of Mrs. T. Randolph Perkinson