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Long Rifle

Eagle, John
Place Made:
Cabarrus/Rowan Co. North Carolina United States of America
Date Made:
maple, brass, silver
LOA: 61 1/2
Accession Number:
DESCRIPTION: Full-length octagon barrel. Inscription on engraved brass patchbox with five piercings. Relief work on butt stock, three incised silver lines on wrist along with incised work, ornate brass touch-hole pickholder, silver eagle on cheek with incised dots surrounding. Missing silver eye shape pin escutcheon on left side in second position near side plate. Brass toe plate with four bullet-shape piercings, extensive barrel tangs with two screws. Engraved lock on tail shaped relief work molding, silver swirl to left of lock, brass swirl to right of lock. Brass side plate on relief work molding, inscription on silver comb plate, inscript on thumb plate. Silver circle-shaped fore-stock plate, straight silver plates above fore-stock plate in front of lock and side plate. Long muzzle cap. Double-set triggers.

SCHOOL: The deep carved cheek and butt stock is typical of the Rowan School, made up by the Eagle family, various members of the Ribelin family such as Isaac and Jesse Ribelin and possibly Jacob and Martin Ribelin as well, and Lewis Nash. Characteristic of this school is the exceptionally long patchbox and the deeply sculptured cheekpiece.

MAKER: John Eagle (b. 1813) was the son of George Eagle (b. 1781) and the brother-in-law of Isaac Ribelin (1800-1863), two other prominent rifle makers in the Rowan School. John Eagle is listed in the 1850 Cabarrus County census as “Gunsmith and Farmer.”

Credit Line:
Given in memory of Jane Craige Gray by her sons.