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Linen Press

Place Made:
Stephens County Georgia United States of America
Date Made:
yellow pine –paint –nails
HOA 58″; WOA 46-9/16″; DOA 19-3/8″
Accession Number:
DESCRIPTION: Painted yellow pine linen press having four bulbous and tapering pegged feet; two recessed panel doors; two board top; single interior shelf. The entire exterior is painted red, with black paint overlay. The mortise and tenon recessed paneled doors have painted decoration in orange and yellow: the right door, upper panel, has alternating splotches or irregular dots in orange and yellow in vertical alignment; the lower panel has diagonal splotches or irregular dots in orange; the same applies to the left door (except reversed), the diagonal design is located in the upper panel, and the vertical design is on the lower – both doors are outlined in orange splotches or irregular dots. Each door has a turned wooden knob doweled into the door, exposed on the interior. The right door has a beveled wooden lip, nailed into place, and extends past the right door and covers the joining of both doors. The press has a two board top, one large board in front and flanked by a smaller board – both boards nailed to frame. Three large boards and one small board make up the back. Having a single board bottom with a narrow board running the depth of sides to which the feet are pegged in place. The interior is unfinished and contains a single shelf nailed in place; the shelf sits atop the pine shelf rest nailed in place from the exterior.

Fancy painting like that on this linen press enlivened otherwise utilitarian furniture made of common woods, like yellow pine. Daubs of orange and yellow paint on each door panel run in alternating diagonal and vertical patterns. The piece is entirely constructed of circular-sawn yellow pine. It was one of two discovered in a house in Stephens County, Georgia, more than a quarter-century ago. The attachment of its carrot-shaped feet to boards that run the depth of the case links this piece to a group of bureaus and blanket chest with histories in neighboring Franklin County.

The piece was found by Garvy Hart who bought it out of a house in Stephens County, Georgia. There were two cupboards in the house at the time, the other cupboard being larger than the present one. Dealer Vick Ford acquired the cupboard, and sent the piece to Steppen Back Auctions in northeastern Georgia. Ed and Peggy Elkins purchased the cupboard, and Charlotte and L.C. Beckerdite acquired it from the Elkins. Charlotte Beckerdite received this history from Jim Lord, a friend of Vick Ford, the dealer who bought the pieces from Mr. Hart.
Credit Line:
MESDA Purchase Fund