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Bennett & Thomas
Place Made:
Petersburg Virginia United States of America
Date Made:
LOA: 17″
Accession Number:
DESCRIPTION: Large ladle with oval bowl and slightly curving handle end. Marked twice on underside of handle with Bennett and Thomas in banner frame. Inscribed with “L” on face of handle.

INSCRIPTION: Engraved with a script “L” on face of handle.

MARK: Struck twice on reverse of handle with intaglio “Bennett &Thomas” mark in a banner reserve.

MAKER: Bennett & Thomas initially was a Petersburg, Virginia partnership formed in 1812 between John Bennett (d.1828) and Ebenezer Thomas (1776-1833). Unfortunately the partners encountered financial difficulties sometime around 1819 when their store was robbed. The firm continued to operate but with a new partner, Ebenezer Thomas’s son, John W. Thomas (c.1798-1831). Ebenezer Thomas removed to Columbus, Ohio about 1823. The partnership with the younger Thomas lasted until John Bennett’s death in February 1828. See Catherine B. Hollan, “Virginia Silversmiths, Jewelers, Watch- and Clockmakers, 1607-1860: Their Lives and Marks” (McLean, VA: Hollan Press, 2010) and entry for Ebenezer Thomas on (online: [accessed 26 May 2017]).

FORM: Large silver ladles were popular for serving punch or soup. Most had plain hemispherical bowls, others were round, and a few had scalloped or shaped bowls. Smaller ladles of silver were most often designated for serving sauces and gravy.

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