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Seigler, John W.
Place Made:
Edgefield County South Carolina United States of America
Date Made:
stoneware –alkaline-glazed
HOA: 14 5/8″; WOA: 12″
Accession Number:
This ovoid, alkaline-glazed stoneware jar is marked in white slip, “John Sigler / Maker / 1854,” and was made in the shop of John W. Seigler at Shaw’s Creek outside of Edgefield, South Carolina. On opposite sides of the shoulder, lug handles were placed against the sides of the jar. Alkaline glaze is a mix of clay and ash or lime that acted as a flux.

MAKER: In 1853 John W. Seigler purchased the former Collin Rhodes pottery factory at Shaw’s Creek, outside of Edgefield near Eureka, South Carolina. Seigler was the proprietor of the pottery factory, but he did not make pottery. Instead, he hired itinerant potters to make the pieces at the factory. Author Cinda K. Baldwin notes that brothers Jacob and John Stauber from Germany likely managed the pottery factory. Both brothers were listed as stoneware potters in the 1860 census.

Baldwin, Cinda K. “Great & Noble Jar: Traditional Stoneware of South Carolina.” Athens, GA: UGA Press, 1993.

Credit Line:
The William C. and Susan S. Mariner Collection