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Seagle, Daniel
Place Made:
Lincoln County North Carolina United States of America
Date Made:
HOA: 14 1/2; DIA: 14
Accession Number:
Ash-glazed five-gallon stoneware jar, grayish-brown in color, with lipped mouth and handle-grips on each side, stamped “DS” and “5.”

With the exception of the Catawba Valley of North Carolina, ash or alkaline glaze was apparently not used by early potters in the upper South. However, it was used extensively throughout the deep and gulf South as far west as Texas, following the westward migration of Edgefield, South Carolina alkaline glaze potters. It is interesting to note the similarity in shape between this piece and others produced in Edgefield, South Carolina about the same time. This suggests that there may have been some contact between the potters of these two areas.

MAKER: Daniel Seagle (1805-1867) of Lincoln County is the first potter in North Carolina to whom the use of the alkaline glaze can be attributed.

Credit Line:
MESDA Purchase Fund