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Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Map of Georgia

Lucas, Fielding Jr. __Cartographer
Place Made:
VIRGINIA Virginia United States of America
Date Made:
ink and watercolor on paper
HOA: 17 1/2″
WOA: 21 3/4″
Accession Number:
Following the American Revolution Georgia’s population expanded rapidly as the Great Wagon Road leading from southeastern Pennsylvania, through the Valley of Virginia, and into the piedmont of Georgia, brought thousands of new settlers. These settlers were attracted to Georgia’s available land and its abundant natural resources. The arrival of new settlers pushed the Cherokee and Creek Nations farther west, as seen on this 1822 map of Georgia.

The cartographer, Fielding Lucas, Jr. (1781-1854), was born in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and spent most of his career working in Baltimore, Maryland.

DESCRIPTION: A Map of Georgia showing early counties and territories painted with watercolors in yellow, blue, pink, orange and green; to the right and left and below the map are sections of text full of information about Georgia; the heading for the sections are as fallows; “SITUATION, BOUNDARIES AND EXTENT, FACE OF THE COUNTRY, SOIL AND PRODUCTIONS, RIVERS, ISLANDS AND SWAMPS, CLIMATE, CIVIL DIVISION AND POPULATION, CHIEF TOWNS, EDUCATION, RELIGION, COMMERCE AND MANUFACTURES, INDIAN COUNTRY, GOVERNMENT, HISTORICAL SKETCH, LIST OF GOVERNORS, PLACES REMARKED FOR BATTLES AND SIEGES, INDICATED BY A FLAG”

Map was published in “A Complete Historical, Chronological, And Geographical American Atlas…” by H.C. Casey and I. Lea, Philadelphia, 1822.
Credit Line:
MESDA Purchase fund