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Catoctin Furnace
Place Made:
Frederick County Maryland United States of America
Date Made:
cast iron
HOA: 30 1/2; WOA: 39 1/2
Accession Number:
DESCRIPTION: Franklin-type fireplace, with classic decorations on the headpiece, side plates and back plate, bearing the name CATOCTIN on the headpiece.

FORM: The Franklin, or Pennsylvania Fireplace, was developed after 1740. In these stoves, the heat did not serve as the chimney, but was diverted to a baffled airbox before passing out a flue at a level just below the hearth. The masonry fireplace was bricked in and the stove placed a few inches in front to gain the maximun amount of heat from the hot cast iron. The stove burned wood and was advantageous because it burned less fuel and radiated more heat than a masonry fireplace. The technical principles of Franklin’s “Pennsylvania Fireplace” were not particularly successful, as they were complicated, and difficult to use. Nevertheless, this stove type has been popular ever since, and variations have retained the original designer’s name.

Credit Line:
Purchase Fund