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Easy Chair

Place Made:
Piedmont North Carolina United States of America
Date Made:
pine –linen
HOA: 41″
WOA: 28″
LOA: 22″
Accession Number:
DESCRIPTION: Easy chair: Has flat crest rail and shaped wings terminating in shaped arm scrolls; retains under-upholstery on the interior of back rest, wings and arm supports; front and side seat rails have nail holes at the bottom of the boards; resting within the seat rails is a chamber pot hole that is covered by a wooden slip seat; the front legs are straight and the rear legs are slightly splayed; covered with a new linen red and tan checked slip covering.
Family history suggests that this chair descended in the Malbourne Addison Angier (1820-1900) and Mary Jane Pearson Angier (1820-1906) family of Durham County, NC. Malbourne Addison Angier was the son of Matther B. Angier and Sarah (Sally) Dollar Angier (1796-1843), who were married in 1817 in Orange County (today Durham County). Sarah was the daughter of Jonathan Dollar (1762-1834). The chair was probably made for either the Jonathan Dollar family or for the parents of Matthew B. Anger.
Credit Line:
In memory of Inez Duke Angier Stokes and Earl Monroe Stokes, Sr.