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Dining Table

Place Made:
Baltimore Maryland United States of America
Date Made:
mahogany –maple –poplar –white oak
HOA: 29 1/2; WOA: 95; DOA: 23 3/4
Accession Number:
DESCRIPTION: Two-part dining table with round ends and two separate leaves which, when inserted, are supported by brass yokes and the outside legs of each end which swing outward to a locked position of about 45 degrees. The tables are decorated with an oval medallion of lily of the valley and shaded leaves at each stile, three-part bell-flowers down each leg, and a geometric design around the lower skirt, with string inlay around the top edge, skirt and on the legs. The elongated bell flowers, made in three or five parts and shaded with hot sand, especially when found as in this example to increase in length as they progress downward, are considered a Baltimore or Annapolis characteristic. The use of green poplar as a background for medallions, such as the lily of the valley of this example, is another Maryland trait rarely found elsewhere.

MAKER: Although this dining table has not been definitively attributed to Bankson and Lawson, the inlay used certainly appears to be part of their shop tradition. See Sumpter Priddy, III, Michael Flanigan, and Gregory R. Weidman, “The Genesis of Neoclassical Style in Baltimore Furniture,” AMERICAN FURNITURE, 2000,

Credit Line:
Anonymous Gift