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Place Made:
Northeastern North Carolina United States of America
Date Made:
white oak
HOA: 11 5/16; WOA: 25 1/4; DOA: 12 1/4
Accession Number:
DESCRIPTION: Six board butt-jointed chest; all boards rived and smooth planed; joined with wrought nails; battens under top were clinch nailed and fitted to pintle hinge trunnions shaped from the back board.

This six-board box, originally fitted with a lock, may well represent the earliest surviving example of North Carolina joiner’s work. Joined with wrought nails, the very early date of the chest is indicated by the rived boards; the riving is evident in both the taper (see especially the top) and the “tear” marks where the joiner’s smooth plain failed to remove all the evidence of splitting.

Credit Line:
MESDA Purchase Fund