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Chest of Drawers

Cathey, William\Attributed
Place Made:
Rabun County Georgia United States of America
Date Made:
walnut –yellow pine
HOA: 47 13/16″
WOA: 38 1/16″
DOA: 20 9/16″
Accession Number:
DESCRIPTION: Chest of drawers with five tiers of drawers, the first tier consists of two adjacent drawers; all drawers have molded edge; molded top and base; bracket feet with spurs.

CONSTRUCTION: The solid-board top is pegged to the case and a beaded molding is nailed directly beneath the top. The case is joined by mortised, tenoned, and pegged construction. The front and side pieces of the base section, with double-molded top edge, are joined by dovetail joints. The base is nailed to the case. The design of the side apron, more elaborate than seen on most bureaus in the survey, establishes the design of the front apron, which is now missing the carved spurs along the bracket feet. The overlapping drawer fronts are molded and scribed and have never had pulls. The drawer fronts and backs are joined to the sides by three full dovetails on each joint. The drawer bottoms are made of tongue-and-groove boards that run front to back. They are beveled on the front edges, slipped into grooves cut in the drawer sides, and nailed across the back. The side runners are nailed across the back. The side runners are nailed to the case and join the drawer dividers and back runner supports by tongue-and-groove joints. There are runner supports for each drawer as well as an under framing for the top. The material used in the construction of the chest, including the drawer dividers, is unusually thick. There is no bottom dustboard. The vertical backboards extend to the floor and are nailed top and bottom to the case and to each of the drawer runner supports with squarehead nails.

Descended in the family of William Cathey of Rabun County in the mountains of extreme northeast Georgia. According to family tradition, William Cathey was the maker.
Credit Line:
MESDA Purchase Fund