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Charles Binns

Weinedel, Charles
Place Made:
Leesburg Loudoun County Virginia
Date Made:
watercolor on ivory
HOA: 2 1/2; WOA: 2
Accession Number:
SITTER: Charles Binns, Jr. (1763-1837) was the clerk of the court for Loudoun County, Virginia, married to Hannah (Douglas) Binns (1768-1843), whose father William Douglas (d. 1782) has been a county sheriff. Charles and Hannah Binns are both buried in the Old Stone Church Cemetery in Loudoun County seat of Leesburg.

ARTIST: Charles (or Curt) Weinedel (1794-1845) was born in Germany but arrived in the United States and first advertised his skills as a miniature portrait painter in Leesburg, Virginia, in 1819. On October 26 he advertised in the local newspaper, Genius of Liberty, that he “Respectfully tenders his services to the Ladies and Gentlemen of Leesburg, and its vicinity, as a MINIATURE PAINTER….Country families who may be disposed to have their miniatures taken, will be waited on at their residence if required — Ladies and gentlemen in town will also thus be waited on if required.” Subsequently, he painted in Fredericksburg and Alexandria, and in Augusta, Georgia, before settling in New York City and completing his artistic career there. Because Charles and Hannah Binns lived in Leesburg, their portraits are considered to be Weinedel’s earliest known works in America.

DATE: An advertisement for Charles Weinedel’s Leesburg shop was attached to the back of this miniature, thus we assume that it dates from the 1819 period during which Weinedel was in Leesburg.

RELATED WORKS: Companion miniature of Mr. Binns’ wife, framed in same frame (MESDA acc. 3451.2)

DESCRIPTION: Watercolor on ivory; Miniature portrait of man in the left frame. Heavy shadows are present in his face. The man fully faces the viewer. He is balding, has gray hair, a white stock and black jacket. A blue sky complete with clouds is present in the background. The oval miniature sits in a rectangular frame that has been painted green. There is a black rim painted on the outer frame of the green frame.

Credit Line:
MESDA Purchase fund