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Cabinetmaker’s Planes

Hindmarsh, M.
Place Made:
Great Britain
Date Made:
wood, metal
various sizes
Accession Number:
DESCRIPTION: Set of cabinetmakers planes and plane bits: 2816.1-14 marked “M:HINDMARSH”; 2816.15-17 marked “GABRIEL”; 2816.18 marked “D.THOMPSON”; 2816.19-21 marked LOURIE”; 2816.23-24 marked “WAY & SHERMAN”; 2816.25 marked “MIDDLETON/YORK”; 2816.26-28 unmarked; 2816.29 scrape with wooden handle; 2816.30 V-gouge; 2816.31-37 plane bits.

These tools descended in the family of Anson County, North Carolina, cabinetmaker William Little and, according to tradition, were used by Little in his practice.

William Little (1775-1848) was born in Carlisle, England, where he was apprenticed to a Mr. Graham of “Bighead,” but sailed to America when he was 23. He worked briefly in Norfolk and then Charleston before moving upcountry and settling in the Anson County town of Sneedsborough, on the Pee Dee River. Little worked there as a cabinetmaker until about 1818. At that point he appears to have become a successful full-time planter who purchased slaves to work his land. When he died he owned 112 enslaved individuals. Unlike the majority of other backcountry NC cabinetmakers who made most of their best pieces from walnut or cherry, Little produced many inlaid mahogany objects. All of his furniture is in the neoclassical British style with overtones of both Norfolk and Charleston design. William’s brother George Little, writing from England, quotes recently immigrated brother Thomas Little saying of William’s personal furnishings, “You have some of the nisest furneter in your House ever he did see.” See Acc. 3264 and Acc. 3962 for examples of William Little’s work–a desk and bookcase and a sideboard.

William’s brother Thomas (1781-1855) settled in nearby Richmond County, NC, and MESDA owns a portrait of Thomas’s daughter, Jane “Jenny” P. Little (1833-1857), Acc. 5877. Jenny Little was William Little’s niece.

Credit Line:
Given in Memory of Martha Elizabeth Little Steele and Bess Steele Ledbetter by the Family